The Artistic Directors of the Doghouse Ensemble Theatre are in charge of the operations of the business, the artistic projects taken on by the company, and making executive decisions based on conversations with Company Members, Associated Artists, and outside sources.

The Ensemble Members of the Doghouse Ensemble Theatre comprise the main creators and collaborators of projects, submit material, ideas, and for which Doghouse Ensemble Theatre offers opportunities to pursue what they love to do artistically. Our Ensemble Members are individuals with varying backgrounds and strengths, who provide the organization with insights, diverse artistic skills, and strong collaborative ambitions within their own “home bases.”

Our Ensemble Members also comprise our organizational staff which includes the following:

Communications Director (Julia Steenstra*)

The Communications Director is in charge of staying updated with the work of all Company Members and Associated Artists. They relay information about Company Members and Associated Artists to the Media Manager for social media promotion. They are also in charge of alerting members of a change in status, aid the Artistic Directors in inviting new members to the organization, and help in ensuring all members of the organization are provided with opportunities to participate in projects.

Finance and Operations Managers (Spencer Channell* and Mark Mazzarella*)

The Finance and Operations Manager is in charge of keeping track of the organization’s expenses, the bank account, and helping delineate budgets for projects and licensing. The Finance and Operations Manager is also in charge of creating fundraising goals, providing financial insight, and writing grant proposals.

Licensing Manager (Reagan Casteel**)

The Licensing Manager is in charge of applying for rights for productions, communicating with the Artistic Directors and Finance and Operations Manager in terms of projected licensing costs, and contacting producers or rights holders if necessary. They are also responsible for ensuring that the terms set forth in licensing contracts are being upheld and followed.

Literary Manager (Yoni Weiss*)

The Literary Manager is in charge of distributing materials for readings, productions, research, etc. They are responsible for script upkeep on new works, scouting, reading, recommending and evaluating scripts, and handle submissions with the assistance of the Artistic Directors.

Social Media Coordinators (Noah Lentini* and Nicholas Trivisonno*)

The Social Media Coordinators are in charge of operating the Facebook page, updating the website, creating Facebook events, creating social media content, and general upkeep of the organization’s online presence. The Social Media Coordinators are also in charge of developing e-blasts and newsletters for email subscribers alongside the Communications Director.

Resident Graphic Designer (Daniel Gurevich**)

The Resident Graphic Designer is responsible for assisting the organization in creating graphics for the web, social media, and print. They work closely with the Artistic Directors to create exciting, visual and marketable representations of the work Doghouse Ensemble Theatre produces.